Pair of Huge Bauhaus Lobby Lamps or Cinema Lamps

Huge Bauhaus Lobby Lamps

These exceptionally large Bauhaus lobby lamps were manufactured in Germany and might originally have been used as cinema lights. Their impressive size and design make them especially suitable for large spaces, without compromising aesthetics.

The polished brass frame supports eight fluorescent tubes. For easier transportation or storage, the tube light holders can be folded back after removing the tube lights. Both lamps are in very good original vintage condition with nicely patinated brass.

The lamps are photographed with T8 fluorescent tubes (length 59 cm, diameter 22 mm, 18 Watt). Originally they were used with T12 fluorescent tubes (length 59 cm, diameter 38 mm, 22 Watt), a model that is phased out.


Place of origin:Germany
Date of manufacture:Circa 1950s
Materials:Brassed Metal
Condition:Very Good
Dimensions:Diameter 161 cm, Height 25 cm, Length Fluorescent Tubes 59 cm
Number of items:2
Price:€ 2500 per piece*

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