Knut Hesterberg Coffee Table

Knut Hesterberg Table

This aluminium and glass coffee table was designed by German sculptor Knut Hesterberg for Ronald Schmitt (Germany). Knut Hesterberg was a famous sculptor who exhibited his sculptures across Europe. Many of the large scale sculptures designed by him can be found in public spaces throughout Germany and a few in Italy. The German company Ronald Schmitt asked Knut Hesterberg in the late 1960s to design a series of limited production sculptural form tables with the intention to bring art to everyday life.

The table is photographed with a 110 cm diameter glass top (thickness 15 mm). Galerie Libelle has various round glass tops available (varying diameters, thicknesses and smoke glass), before buying a table you can discuss your wishes with us.


Designer:Knut Hesterberg
Manufacturer:Ronald Schmitt
Place of origin:Germany
Date of manufacture:1960s-1970s
Materials:Aluminium, Glass
Condition:Very Good
Dimensions:Frame Diagonal 61 cm, height 45 cm
Number of items:1
Price:€ 1200

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