Side Table and Floor Lamp Lothar Klute

Table and Lamp Lothar Klute

Unique set designed and manufactured by Lothar Klute in Germany. The table has a wrought bronze and a heavy glass table top. The matching light is also executed in wrought bronze with glass flower-shaped shapes. The light is adjustable. Both are hand-made by artist Lothar Klute.

Additional measurements: thickness glass top 20 mm, base light 46 x 38 cm.


Designer:Lothar Klute
Manufacturer:Lothar Klute
Place of origin:Germany
Date of manufacture:1997 (lamp), 2000 (table)
Materials:Bronze, glass
Dimensions:Table 83 cm x 105 cm (height 55.5 cm), lamp height 189 cm, width 130 cm, depth 40 cm
Number of items:2
Price:€ 11.000 per set*

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