Teak Seating Group by Juul Kristensen

Seating Group by Juul Kristensen

This living room set consist of one three-seater sofa, one two-seater sofa and one chair. The seating group was designed by Juul Kristensen for Glostrup Furniture Factory in Denmark. The sofa’s and chair feature a solid teak frame and wool upholstered cushions. All items are stamped by the maker.

The seating group can be bought as set or each item can be bought separately. 


  • Three-seat sofa: height 80 cm, width 186 cm, depth 85 cm, seating height 44 cm
  • Two-seat sofa: height 80 cm, width 130 cm, depth 85 cm, seating height 44 cm
  • Chair: height 80 cm, width 80 cm, depth 85 cm, seating height 44 cm


Designer:Juul Kristensen
Manufacturer:Glostrup Furniture Factory
Place of origin:Denmark
Date of manufacture:1960s
Materials:Teak, Wool, Upholstery
Condition:Very Good
Dimensions:see text above
Number of items:The set consists 3 items
Price:€ 3200 per set*

* All prices are exclusive shipping costs and import duties. All items fall under the Dutch margin regulation, this means no VAT is stated on the invoice.

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